Perdue Lets White House Continue Raiding Vital Military Funding Putting National Security At Risk

January 15, 2020

As White House reveals plan to raid another $7.2 billion from the military, Perdue continues to put partisan politics over Georgia’s military communities and national security concerns

ATLANTA — Today, as a new report shows that the White House is planning to raid an additional $7.2 billion from the military budget, Senator David Perdue continues to stand behind allowing the administration to divert key funding from military projects for its sham emergency declaration.

Perdue has already repeatedly voted to let the administration raid billions from military construction — which could now potentially put Georgia military projects on the chopping block. More recently, Perdue backed a budget which specifically did not replace funding stolen from our military. The Pentagon has warned of “dire outcomes” if these projects are not funded and a report from the Air Force has outlined how raiding these funds “risks national security.”

Despite bipartisan opposition in the Senate, Perdue has voted twice to let the administration continue to raid money from military construction for the president’s sham emergency declaration. The list includes critical projects across the country and around the world — with more to come if the administration gets their way to continue diverting military funding.

Now, on the heels of the Trump administration’s reveal that it will try to continue raiding vital funding, resources for Georgia’s 88,000 active-duty servicemembers could be at risk.

“As Washington Republicans get ready to launch another raid on our military budget, Senator David Perdue is ready to once again put partisan politics ahead of Georgia’s servicemembers and our national security,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for Democratic Party of Georgia. “Our servicemembers deserve more than lip service, but Senator Perdue refuses to stand up and do the right thing to protect critical military construction projects in Georgia from this reckless cash grab.”


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