Perdue Assaults Democracy, Spreads Election Conspiracy Theories in “Desperate” Bid to “Soothe His Own Bruised Ego”

December 9, 2021

In two interviews today, David Perdue’s “wink-and-nod campaign on voter fraud” became a full-throttled attack on democracy as the failed former senator said he would not have certified the results of Georgia’s thrice-confirmed free and fair elections had he been governor. 

Perdue cited debunked claims of voter fraud as his reasoning, telling Axios that he “wouldn’t have signed” the certification of the election “until those things had been investigated,” despite the fact that three separate counts found no evidence of widespread election fraud. He then dialed up the dangerous rhetoric, telling the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Over my dead body would we have turned the election over…I would have fought that consent decree to my last breath.”

Brian Kemp also waded into the debate and attempted to distance himself from the election conspiracy theories that inspired his massive voter suppression law, with his spokesperson saying “Perdue is a desperate, failed former politician who will do anything to soothe his own bruised ego.”

“David Perdue is telling Georgia voters loud and clear that if he were governor of Georgia, he would overturn the will of the people if it didn’t suit his political interests,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Meanwhile, Brian Kemp caved to the same election conspiracy theories Perdue is peddling when he passed legislation earlier this year making it harder to vote. Both Brian Kemp and David Perdue have shown they are willing to subvert the will of Georgia voters to aid their own political aspirations, and neither has any business leading our state.”


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