Perdue and Loeffler Claim We Need More Tests — Yet Won’t Call on Trump to Ramp Up Testing

April 24, 2020

As Georgia prepares to reopen without needed testing capabilities, Perdue and Loeffler silent on Trump administration’s failure to expand testing resources

ATLANTA — Georgia’s Republican senators have now both called for greater testing — but neither of them will call out the Trump administration after President Donald Trump claimed “we’re doing more testing I think than probably any of the governors even want.” 

Georgia already lags other states in tests per capita as “experts say the state lacks the testing capacity needed to detect the true scope of the disease. While both have backed Governor* Brian Kemp’s “reckless” order forcing Georgia to reopen, Loeffler has said “an increase in testing is key” while Perdue said Georgia needs to “test in a broader way than we’re doing now.” Yet neither will stand up to Trump after his administration botched the initial testing response and as he now claims that states already have enough tests to reopen.

Even worse: both Perdue and Loeffler recently backed Republican efforts to pass coronavirus relief without the additional $25 billion for testing Democrats pushed for — although now each is trying to take credit for this critical funding.

“It’s time Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler stopped just talking about expanding testing and started pushing the Trump administration to make sure it actually happens,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgians need action to expand our testing capabilities as quickly as possible, not empty words from Washington Republicans like Perdue and Loeffler.”


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