Perdue Again Votes with McConnell for Cover-Up Instead of Witness Testimony

January 31, 2020

Rather than support a fair trial, Perdue turns his back on the “bipartisan majority of Americans” who want to hear from witnesses

ATLANTA — Today, Senator David Perdue continued to work hand-in-hand with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to cover up for President Trump’s abuse of power instead of presenting a fair hearing of facts and allowing direct witness testimony.

After pre-emptively pledging he will “vote down” any impeachment charges before a Senate trial “even if there was this quid pro quo,” Perdue kept up his push for a cover-up over a fair trial with his vote against allowing the witnesses that “a bipartisan majority of Americans” want to testify. He’s still standing with McConnell, who’s already said there will be “no difference” between the White House and Senate Republicans as he will “take [his] cues from the president’s lawyers.” 

Just yesterday Perdue declared that his only priorities in this trial are “get the president re-elected and keep the majority in the Senate.” Today’s vote reinforces Perdue’s focus on scoring political points rather than trying to uncover the truth and uphold the rule of law.

Once again, Senator David Perdue has shown that he’s only interested in being a rubber stamp for Mitch McConnell’s cover-up,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Perdue continues to put politics ahead of the rule of law and the search for the truth, making a mockery of his oath to do ‘impartial justice’ in this trial.”


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