Pence to Bail Out David Perdue’s Campaign Amid Stock Trading Scandals, Republican Infighting

December 17, 2020

Perdue was shouted down at his own rally during Trump’s latest campaign event for him

ATLANTA — Today, Vice President Mike Pence returns to Georgia to bail out Senator David Perdue’s desperate campaign and dim reelection bid as Perdue juggles both the intense scrutiny from his sordid stock trading abuses and Republican infighting casting doubt on Georgia’s election results “without evidence.” President Trump’s last attempt to rescue Perdue ultimately backfired after the former corporate CEO was almost entirely drowned out by the crowd’s shouts, nearly unable to finish a sentence at his own rally.

Yesterday, a brutal CNN analysis revealed that Perdue has conducted 2,560 stock trades –– more than “the next seven most prolific Senate stock traders combined,” suspiciously trading, buying and selling stock in industries his committees “directly oversee.” And in a new biographical video, though “nearly identical” to a campaign video in 2014, Perdue got caught conveniently leaving out his years of experience in Asia in an effort to hide his own record of doing business in Hong Kong.

Perdue has also taken heat for ducking the press and refusing several debate offers with Jon Ossoff, prompting members of the media to express their disappointment with Perdue’s efforts to dodge accountability.

“Pence’s weak attempt to save Perdue’s flailing campaign won’t work because Georgians have already rejected their dangerous agenda at the polls in November –– and they’ll do it again in January’s runoff,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgia voters are fed up with Perdue’s corrupt stock trades and blatant attempts to cast doubt on the election results and will be sending him into retirement in January.”


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