Pence Props Up Perdue’s Campaign While Absent Senator Hides From Georgia Press

November 20, 2020

Perdue has refused to answer questions about his many scandals just since Election Day

ATLANTA — Today, Senator David Perdue is desperately relying on Vice President Mike Pence to bail out his flailing campaign despite voters across the Peach State having clearly rejected Pence’s failed policies and reckless agenda at the ballot box.

Perdue, currently embroiled in several scandals, has remained under intense scrutiny for ducking several attempts from Georgia’s local media to get in contact with him and has refused several debate offers with Jon Ossoff, prompting members of the media to express their disappointment with Perdue’s efforts to dodge accountability.

And this week, devastating new reports reminded Georgians of Perdue’s pattern of looking out for himself and his special interest friends. ProPublica reported that Perdue has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the owners of professional sports clubs and their families and privately pushed for wealthy sports owners to receive a lucrative tax break. And The Daily Beast exposed Perdue for yet another stock trading scandal in which he bought stock in a company that made submarine parts, helped shape legislation that directed Navy funding for one of the company’s products, and sold off the stock, earning him “tens of thousands of dollars in profits.”

Meanwhile, Perdue is on an extended vacation as key pandemic programs are set to expire in a little over a month, putting more than 330,000 Georgia workers at risk of losing their unemployment benefits as the coronavirus crisis continues to surge.

“Senator Perdue’s campaign is rapidly spiralling downward, and dodging accountability while rallying with divisive figures won’t help him,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Perdue still can’t explain to Georgians why he downplayed the scale of this virus or spent his entire term in Washington appeasing his corrupt backers. David Perdue shouldn’t represent Georgians if can’t even confront his own failed leadership.”


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