Pattern of Scams: Top Reasons Why Herschel Walker Refuses to Debate Reverend Warnock

August 1, 2022

GOP Senate candidate’s lies, scandals, and bizarre statements have been on full display

It’s been more than two months since Reverend Warnock committed to three general election debates against GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker — and more than two months of Walker refusing to commit to debates despite previous comments that he would debate Reverend Warnock “any day of the week.

But it’s no wonder why: since entering the race, Walker’s lies, scandals, and bizarre statements have been put on full display across the state — “bar[ring] press,” “pushing away voters,” and showing Georgians he isn’t ready to represent the people.

One of the many reasons why Walker refuses to debate? 

Walker can’t explain the predatory scams, schemes, and snake oils he’s been involved in.

  1. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to explain his connection to a false charity for veterans he claimed to have created. In reality, he made a fortune serving as a spokesperson for a private hospital chain’s for-profit program that “preyed upon veterans and service members while defrauding the government.” 
  2. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to justify his partnership with an energy company that allegedly targeted “the elderly and those with language barriers,” scamming them into “contracts they did not understand” by “falsely saying they would save them money.
  3. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to take accountability for “spen[ding] years promoting health products with dubious claims” that were “not supported by medical evidence generally accepted by the medical community” — products that were “commercial failures, cost Walker and his business partners millions of dollars and put his companies into deep debt, for which creditors have repeatedly sued Walker and his associates to recover.”
  4. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to answer why he hasn’t repaid other business loans — including a $600,000 loan that a judge has repeatedly told him and his business partners to repay. 
  5. Walker doesn’t want to explain why he claimed he possessed a “dry mist” product that would — “as you walk through the door” — “kill any COVID on your body.” 
  6. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to talk about why he mocked businesses for taking PPP loans to keep workers on payroll — despite taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in PPP loans himself and sitting on the board of a company that took “more than $9.7 million while, at the same time, laying off 90% of its hotel staff.”

Read up on some of the other reasons Walker refuses to debate Reverend Warnock – 

bad policies, worse explanations, repeated lies, and bizarre gaffes.


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