ONE YEAR AGO: Republicans’ “Stunning Escalation” on Lawsuit to Gut Health Care Protections for Millions

March 25, 2020

GOP-backed lawsuit would end critical protections for Georgians with pre-existing conditions while increasing costs and slashing coverage in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic

ATLANTA — One year ago today, Republicans made a “stunning escalation” in their reckless lawsuit supported by Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler and Senate hopeful Doug Collins by asking the courts to overturn the entire health care law, which would end critical protections for Georgians with pre-existing conditions. Now, the Supreme Court is set to take up the lawsuit this year as Trump doubles down on wanting to “terminate” the entire health care law as our country grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.

What does this dangerous lawsuit mean for Georgians’ access to care?

Perdue and Collins both repeatedly voted to gut the health care law and undermine its protections for the 1.8 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions, not to mention raise costs and worsen coverage across the board. Perdue even bragged that he “of course” supports this lawsuit that would rip apart vital health care protections for Georgians in the middle of a pandemic. Loeffler, meanwhile, has promised to stand with the White House and Senate Republicans “100%” as she desperately tries to hold off top Trump ally Collins in their brutal intraparty brawl. 

“A year after Republicans’ ‘stunning escalation’ of this dangerous lawsuit Georgia Republicans are still putting their Washington party bosses and special interests allies ahead of Georgians’ health care,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “This reckless lawsuit would devastate 1.8 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions while threatening access to care for many more. Now more than ever, Senators Perdue and Loeffler along with Congressman Collins must end their unconscionable attacks on health care for Georgia families.”


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