One Year Ago: Perdue Called Debt “Threat to Our National Security” — After Stacking Nearly $2 Trillion onto it for Tax Handout

February 26, 2020

Despite warning about a “debt crisis,” Perdue stood up for an almost $2 trillion increase in the national debt as part of a special interest tax giveaway

ATLANTA — Today marks the one-year anniversary since Senator David Perdue introduced a resolution claiming that the national debt was a “threat to national security” and a “crisis” — after voting to stack nearly $2 trillion onto the national debt as part of an enormous tax giveaway to powerful special interests and the richest one percent.

Perdue was so committed to making this deficit-busting corporate tax handout as large as possible that he demanded a tax rate “as low as we can” for his special interest corporate backers even while pretending to care about the exploding national debt. 

Middle-class Georgia families, meanwhile, got next to nothing as part of his tax scam. In fact, when Perdue was asked point-blank if he would support delaying corporate tax breaks in order to provide more tax relief for middle-class families, he made his priorities clear and said: “Absolutely not.” He’d rather target critical earned benefits programs like Social Security and Medicare than scale back any of his corporate tax giveaways.

“No matter what David Perdue says about the exploding national debt, it will always come second to the needs of his special interest corporate backers,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Time and time again, Perdue puts the interests of the wealthy and well-connected ahead of what’s best for Georgia families.”


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