ONE YEAR AGO: Loeffler Left ICE — And Got a “Lucrative Parting Gift” Before Arriving in the Senate

December 21, 2020

Before serving as “an overseer of the overseers of the company that made her rich” in the Senate, Loeffler received “seven-figure windfall” from her old firm

ATLANTA — One year ago today, unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler left her job at her and her husband’s firm ICE — but still ultimately received a “lucrative parting gift” in the form of a “seven-figure windfall” from the company whose regulator she now works to oversee in Congress

While Loeffler was originally “poised to forfeit” her compensation, ICE “altered the terms of the awards” and allowed Loeffler to keep the compensation in a move one corporate governance expert claimed should not be viewed “on the up-and-up.” Another consultant on executive compensation noted that the package “looks, feels and has the sweet aroma of a pure windfall.” 

But after leaving her plum position at the company where she helped set up an “offshore tax dodge months after the Great Recession hit,” Loeffler was then assigned to the committee that’s “an overseer of the overseers of the company that made her rich” along with its sub-committee that has “direct jurisdiction” over ICE’s industry. 

Now, ICE is still trying “to profit off the pandemic’s impact” while Loeffler has spent months stalling coronavirus relief — but still has her “seven-figure windfall” from her old employer.

“Senator Kelly Loeffler’s priorities have been clear since Day 1: her and her husband’s business interests will always come before Georgians,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “After getting her ‘lucrative parting gift’ from her old firm, Loeffler has spent her time in Washington looking out for her old Wall Street pals and special interest allies — not everyday Georgia families.”


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