One Month Out: Perdue’s Flailing Campaign Desperately Leans On Trump to Bail Him Out

December 5, 2020

Perdue is expected to skip Sunday’s big debate amid mounting evidence of “sordid financial abuses”

ATLANTA — Today, President Trump is swooping into Georgia to try and bail out Senator David Perdue’s losing campaign. Trump’s stump for former corporate CEO and “the Senate’s most prolific stock trader by far” Perdue comes after state election officials slammed Perdue and Trump for being “complicit” in harassment and threats against election workers and amid intense national and local scrutiny for a host of stock trading scandals that have plagued Perdue’s campaign.

Yesterday, a new report by the Daily Beast uncovered that contrary to Perdue’s claims in his TV ads of being “totally exonerated” by the DOJ and the SEC for his “well-timed” stock trades, exoneration is something the SEC “cannot legally do,” exposing Perdue for lying to Georgians about the probes into his suspicious stock trading as the pandemic was beginning to spread.

That report came a week after a bombshell New York Times investigation revealed Perdue “contacted his wealth manager at Goldman Sachs” and “instructed him to sell a little more than $1 million worth” of stocks, despite Perdue insisting his stock trades were “handled by advisers who operated independently and without [his] input.”

Now, in an effort to duck accountability and run away from Georgians, Perdue is expected to skip Sunday’s Atlanta Press Club debate with Jon Ossoff, failing to tell voters his plan for getting the coronavirus pandemic under control and instead being represented by an empty podium

“Perdue has repeatedly lied to Georgians about his corrupt stock trades and wrong-doings and voters have taken notice,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “A month out from the runoff election, Perdue’s desperate attempt to lean on Trump as both spew conspiracy theories about the election results shows what a weak position his flailing campaign is in.”


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