ON THIS DAY: Perdue Praised Bill to Gut Health Care Law — Even Though He Hadn’t Read It

June 22, 2020

As GOP prepares to file arguments in anti-health care lawsuit before SCOTUS, a reminder that Perdue couldn’t even be bothered to read what his reckless legislation would do to Georgia families

ATLANTA — Three years ago today, “establishment player” Senator David Perdue praised Republicans’ plan to gut the health care law as “much better” — but with one big caveat: he hadn’t actually read it.

Now, as Republicans prepare to file arguments in their reckless lawsuit before the Supreme Court to “terminate” the law and threaten health care for millions, we thought we’d remind Perdue exactly what his toxic legislation would have meant for Georgians:

Given that Perdue couldn’t even be bothered to read about these harmful provisions for Georgians in a bill he called “much better” than the health care law, it’s no wonder he “of course” supports the GOP’s dangerous anti-health care lawsuit. His reckless efforts to gut health care coverage for millions is just another reason Georgians can’t trust him to protect their access to care.


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