On Labor Day, Georgia Union Leaders Speak Out Against Donald Trump’s Attacks On Working Georgians

September 7, 2020

Today, as people across Georgia celebrate the hard-fought contributions of labor unions to our economy, union leaders from across Georgia condemned Donald Trump for his betrayal of working families. Read what these leaders had to say:

“Working families cannot survive another four years of Donald Trump,” said Yvonne Taylor Brooks, Secretary-Treasurer for the Georgia State AFL-CIO. “At every turn, this administration has cut down rights and protections for American workers, while helping big corporations fund layoffs and stock buybacks at the expense of their employees’ livelihoods. Working people are the backbone of this country, and their protection should be our top priority. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get it — and under a Biden-Harris administration, working people will finally get the protections they deserve.”

“Throughout his administration, Donald Trump has attacked working families’ way of life and the protections we depend on. But his failed leadership on COVID-19 made being a working American even harder,” said Sandra Williams, RWDSU member and Executive Director of the North Georgia Labor Council. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris know we can’t just go back to the way things were before the virus — they will help America build back better. Working families support Joe and Kamala because they will create millions of good paying union jobs, and reward work, not wealth.”

“While Donald Trump hands a blank check to his friends and big corporations, working families are struggling because of his mismanagement of coronavirus,” said Christi Hulme, President of the Savannah Regional Central Labor Council and proud member of OPEIU Local 7277. “Supporting workers and unions is critical to save our economy — but after Trump bailed out big corporations, they still laid off hundreds of thousands of workers, while Trump allowed unemployment to lapse. We need leadership that will put working families first — that’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.” 

“Essential workers have kept this country going throughout this pandemic, but Trump’s administration has eroded worker protections just as our workplaces become less safe,” said Edgar Fields, RWDSU Southeast Council President. “Our front line workers are risking their lives for us every day, and we need leadership that will fight to protect them. We know Joe will fight to protect and value all American workers every single day, not just when a crisis hits.”

“Working Americans’ choice couldn’t be clearer in this election,” said Shekina Givens, President of AFGE Local 554. “Trump has spent the last four years assaulting workers’ rights on the job, threatening the security of our pay, benefits, and protections we depend on. Joe Biden believes in the dignity of work — and more importantly, he backs up that belief with his support for good wages, strong benefits, and commitment to end discrimination in the workplace for all Americans. Working Georgians will turn out to vote in record numbers for Joe Biden, because we know he’ll show up for us.”


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