On Gun Violence: Questions for the GA GOP

August 6, 2019

This weekend, 38 people were slain and many more were injured due to gun violence in El Paso, Dayton, and Chicago. Once again, America is mourning lives lost, and searching for real leadership.

Once again, Georgia Republicans enter a familiar pattern: offering thoughts, prayers, and halfhearted measures.When is enough, enough?

When will it no longer be funny to point a gun at a teenager in a campaign ad?

When will their response to a school massacre be to find real solutions, rather than threaten the state’s largest employer when they make a statement against the NRA?

When will it be unacceptable to vote against gun control measures in the Senate eight days after the Pulse massacre?

When will the GA GOP choose to protect domestic abuse victims instead of giving their abusers guns?

Exactly how many more times will Georgians have to watch these tragedies unfold for the GA GOP to even hold a hearing on the 11 gun safety bills currently in the State House or bring background check legislation up for a vote in Congress?  And when will “school safety” plans stop including plans to put even more guns in public schools and on college campuses?  Our country is in crisis. It is unacceptable for young adults to die outside of a restaurant, children to die at school, parishioners to die at church, and parents die buying groceries–from violence we know can be prevented.

Georgia Democrats are tired of hearing people call for thoughts and prayers. It is time for our leaders to take real action – or we will elect Democrats who will.


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