On First Day of Budget Hearings, Brian Kemp Still Refuses To Expand Medicaid

January 21, 2020

Full Medicaid Expansion Would Boost Georgia’s Economy, Protect Pre-Existing Conditions 

ATLANTA – Today, Georgia families got their first look at Brian Kemp’s austere budget cuts, which so far include potential layoffs of state employees, half a billion dollars slashed from essential services, and threats to public health and safety. What wasn’t on the list? Once again, Kemp failed to advance the single policy most likely to boost Georgia’s economy, save our rural hospitals, and ensure affordable healthcare for all Georgians — full Medicaid expansion. 

For years, lawmakers, policy experts, and the majority of Georgians have supported full Medicaid expansion as the best way to protect Georgians’ care and grow Georgia’s economy by creating 50,000 jobs, saving rural hospitals, and covering the over 500,000 Georgians who are currently uninsured. Instead, Kemp pushed forward a plan that “falls far short” of full expansion, covering far fewer Georgians and costing more taxpayer money. 

“Georgians are counting on their lawmakers to make common sense decisions with their tax dollars that protect essential services, but with Brian Kemp’s budget, they are once again sorely disappointed,” said Maggie Chambers, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Not only is Kemp’s budget recklessly cruel by slashing essential services needed to survive, but his refusal to fully expand Medicaid is costing Georgia taxpayers more while covering far fewer people, leaving Georgians in the cold.” 


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