On Day 3 of RNC, Georgia Democrats Call Out Impact Of Trump’s Health Care Crisis

August 26, 2020

Today, as Republicans continue their propaganda on Day 3 of the Republican National Convention, Georgia Democrats highlighted real Georgians who have been hurt by Trump’s chaotic health care crisis and failure to contain the coronavirus.

Georgia has the second highest rate of coronavirus spread in the nation. 256,000 Georgians have been infected with the coronavirus, and over 5,100 have died. Trump still has no plan to contain the virus as other counties around the world return to normal.

“Instead of listening to the experts and taking action to contain the spread of COVID-19, Donald Trump called coronavirus a hoax, intentionally slowed down testing, and pushed states including Georgia to reopen long before they were ready,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chairwoman Nikema Williams. “Trump still doesn’t have a plan for how to beat this virus, but he’s still trying to rip away health care from 20 million Americans. As we grieve the loss of loved ones, and our communities continue to suffer from this disease, the cost of Trump’s chaos could not be any more clear. We can’t afford four more years of this failed presidency.”

“Albany was one of the first communities in our state to see a serious surge in coronavirus cases and deaths, many of them Black Georgians — but now, nearly six months after this crisis first hit our community, case numbers are surging across Georgia, and our state is even worse off,” said Joyce Barlow, registered nurse and candidate for House District 151 (Albany).
“Public health experts tell us we need: we need a mask order, we need testing, and we need PPE and funding to help keep our hospitals safe so we can treat all our patients. But instead of taking action, Trump and Kemp have refused to create a real plan, and are just extending wishful thinking.”

“I’m a high-risk individual, a parent and a caregiver dealing with keeping my family safe on a daily basis, and I am so frustrated that Donald Trump has been so focused on managing his messaging that he can’t manage this virus,” said Sherean Allen, a small business owner in Atlanta. “Other countries have shown that there are ways to do this safely — but Brian Kemp and Donald Trump chose bars over schools, and we still don’t have enough testing, enough tracing, or a mask mandate to keep us safe. It’s infuriating, and I’m livid because we know it didn’t have to be this bad.”


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