On 56th Anniversary of Medicaid, Expansion in Georgia More Urgent Than Ever

July 30, 2021

Medicaid Expansion Would Cover Over 600,000 Georgians, Improve Health Outcomes, Strengthen Rural Health Care, and Boost Our Economy

Today, as we celebrate the 56th anniversary of Medicaid, the case for expanding the landmark program in Georgia is clearer and more urgent than ever. About 1 in 5 Georgians already rely on Medicaid, which provides quality health coverage to low-income adults and children across our state. More than 600,000 Georigans could qualify for Medicaid coverage if we expand the program – without costing Georgia a single dime – but Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans are refusing this crucial lifeline for our neighborsour hospitals, and our communities.

Yesterday, health care providers and patients from across Georgia held a press conference urging Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans to expand Medicaid and commending Georgia Democrats for fighting for quality, affordable health care for all Georgians, despite Republican obstruction. 

“As we celebrate the 56th anniversary of Medicaid becoming law, Republicans’ continued refusal to expand this life-saving program for hundreds of thousands of Georgians is becoming more and more indefensible,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Doctors, economists, and public policy experts agree – expanding Medicaid in Georgia is a no-brainer to keep our neighbors healthy, our hospitals open, and our economy strong. This should not be a partisan issue, but Georgia Republicans are once again putting politics ahead of the health and well-being of our state. Georgians deserve leaders fighting for quality, reliable health care for all, which is exactly what Democrats are working to deliver.”

Medicaid expansion is more popular than ever, with Georgians supporting it by 28 percentage points. It is also fiscally sound – if Georgia were to expand Medicaid now, the state would receive enough federal funds to cover the the cost of Medicaid expansion and then some. 

Amid Georgia Republicans’ refusal to do the right thing, Democrats in Congress — led by Senators Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock and Representatives Carolyn Bourdeaux, Lucy McBath, and Nikema Williams — have introduced legislation to create a federal pathway for Medicaid expansion that bypasses Kemp’s inaction.

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