NRSC Chair Admits Georgia Republicans are Waiting on Walker As David Perdue Meets with McConnell

July 20, 2021

Today, Senator Rick Scott, Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, admitted that “everybody is sort of waiting in Georgia for what Herschel Walker is going to do,” as Trump’s hand-picked candidate continues to weigh a Senate run in Georgia. Walker’s potential entrance has kept most of the state’s Republican establishment standing “on the sidelines” instead of throwing their weight behind lesser-known GOP primary challengers. 

Shortly after Scott made these comments, former Senator David Perdue was spotted meeting with Mitch McConnell – fueling speculation about the failed politician’s ambitions heading into 2022.

In case you’re just tuning into Republicans’ #GASEN primary chaos:

  • Walker is preparing to run and “staring down some friendly fire.” As the Washington Examiner reports, “Herschel Walker is approaching a possible Senate bid seriously and taking a stronger look at mounting a 2022 campaign.” Having Trump’s support hasn’t stopped Republicans in Georgia and Washington alike from expressing concern about the long-time Texas resident, but as the AJC notes, “most of the state’s Republican establishment has stayed on the sidelines as Herschel Walker inches toward running for the seat with Donald Trump’s blessing.” 
  • Buddy Carter bows to Walker, but is “actively preparing” just in case. In a recent interview with WGAU Radio, Carter made his position clear: “If Herschel’s gonna run, I’m with him; if he’s not, then I’m running.” As the AJC reports, “it’s an extraordinary state of play for the Georgia GOP when a longtime Republican congressman who is also a former state legislator (in both the House and Senate) and local mayor needs the support of a former president who is actively attacking other top Georgia Republicans.” 
  • Failed politician Kelly Loeffler continues to mull another run and the GOP field isn’t deferring to Walker – promising the messy, expensive primary Republicans hoped to avoid. Even with Walker appearing to get closer to entering the race, Kelly Loeffler isn’t ruling out another run, and the handful of lesser-known GOP hopefuls in the race made it clear they plan to stay in – promising Republicans’ chaotic primary heads further off the rails in the months ahead. 


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