NO WAY WALKER: Atlanta Leaders, Voters Stand Against Herschel Walker

November 17, 2022

State Rep. Billy Mitchell: “I’ve served in office for some time…I can recognize when someone isn’t ready to do this important work – and trust me when I say that Herschel Walker is not ready.”

Today, Atlanta leaders and voters held a press conference highlighting how Herschel Walker lacks the character and the competence to be Georgia’s U.S. Senator. Speakers discussed how Walker’s long, damning pattern of lies, scams, and disturbing conduct proves he is not fit to represent Georgians. 

With Georgia’s Senate runoff election rapidly approaching — early voting begins no later than November 28th in all counties, and Election Day is on December 6th — speakers reminded Georgians why Walker has not earned their vote to represent them in the U.S. Senate and encouraged voters to make their voices heard. 


“This isn’t about who’s going to be the best reality show character…this is about who your U.S. Senator is,” said State Sen. Jen Jordan. “Maya Angelou has always said it best is that when someone tells you who they are – when they show you who they are – then you better damn believe them. And so, everybody needs to get out early and vote because Herschel Walker has shown us who he is.” 

“I’ve served in office for some time and in my capacity, in over two and a half decades, I have known a thing or two about public service. I can recognize when someone isn’t ready to do this important work – and trust me when I say that Herschel Walker is not ready,” said State Rep. Billy Mitchell. “A basic rule of public service is that voters need to be able to trust their politicians, and they must trust them to mean what they say. They need to believe that when their representative says that they are going to work to make their health care more affordable or stand up for their rights in Washington, they will actually do it. But if there’s one thing that Herschel Walker has proven during this campaign, it’s that we should probably believe the opposite of what he says.” 

“This election for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat is about more than politics. It’s about who we are as a state and who we want to be. I’m of the opinion that we should hold the people that represent us to a high standard. Anyone who wants to represent the great state of Georgia should be able to do so with character, integrity, and respect for what it means to serve our state and its people. Unfortunately, we’re at a point where Herschel Walker is the Republican choice for the U.S. Senate. And he has none of the characteristics needed for this job – that much should be clear to everyone,” said State Rep. Sam Park. “We need a senator who can fight for us and look out for us each and every day. Reverend Warnock has shown us that he is the right person for this job.” 


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