NO WAY WALKER: Atlanta Community Leaders, Voters Take Stand Against Herschel Walker

December 4, 2022

Today, leaders and voters in Atlanta held a press conference discussing how Walker’s long, damning pattern of lies, scams, and disturbing conduct — including new allegations of violence along with recent reports that Walker took a tax break in Texas meant for residents while running for Senate in Georgia — prove he is not ready to represent Georgians.   

With only Election Day remaining for Georgians to cast their ballots, speakers reminded Georgians why Walker has not earned their vote to represent them in the U.S. Senate and encouraged voters to make their voices heard on December 6. 

Watch Sarah Riggs Amico’s remarks HERE

“As a woman, as a mom, and as a concerned Georgian, Herschel Walker is not the leadership I want for our state,” said Sarah Riggs Amico, business owner and 2018 Candidate for Lieutenant Governor. “Georgians deserve answers. Walker has proven time and time again that we cannot trust him to provide those answers. In this race, competence matters, character matters. And in that regard, Herschel Walker is simply unfit to represent the people of Georgia in the U.S. Senate.” 

Watch Rabbi Joshua Lesser’s remarks HERE

“I have seen many politicians come through our state, but I have never witnessed a candidate that refuses to respond, Democrat or Republican, that hides from voters, who dodges reporters, and avoids questions the way that Walker has. And so it’s just not Walker — it’s the company that he keeps. And what motivates me to be here on this Sunday morning is that Walker remains silent in the face of some of the gravest anti-semitism, white nationalism, and bigotry” said Rabbi Joshua Lesser. “The Talmud says and teaches us that ‘A ruler is not to be appointed unless the community is first consulted.’ But Walker refuses to consult the communities of Georgia or answer any of our questions.” 

Watch Sandra Williams’ remarks HERE.

“Here’s the truth: Herschel Walker is not a man of character. He threatened his ex-wife, his son, and multiple other women with acts of violence. He has lied about nearly every aspect of his life. And come Dec. 6, we need to make sure this unfit, violent, lying man is not our next United States senator,” said Sandra Williams, union member. “Georgia deserves better. And we can have it – if we stand together and send Reverend Warnock back to the Senate.” 


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