NO WAY WALKER: Across Georgia, Voters Are Standing Against Herschel Walker As He Still Refuses To Answer Georgians’ Questions

November 4, 2022

This week, voters in Augusta, Columbus, and Macon called out Herschel Walker’s pattern of lies and disturbing behavior— all while the GOP Senate candidate continues to refuse to answer basic questions after the latest report of a woman being threatened by Walker. 

Speakers discussed how Walker’s long, damning pattern of lies, scams, and disturbing conduct proves he is not ready to represent Georgians.

Here’s what Georgians are seeing and hearing: 


41NBC Macon: Georgia Democrats Say ‘NO WAY WALKER’ 

  • Shelby Coates, 41NBC: “…And Georgia Democrats met this morning in Macon to voice their opposition to Herschel Walker being elected Senator. Georgia House Minority Leader James Beverly, former Georgia State Senator and Milledgeville Mayor Floyd Griffin, and Houston County resident Caly Hess all spoke about Walker’s record – and they say he has a pattern of lying and disturbing behavior. 
  • Rep. James Beverly: “We got to re-elect Reverend Warnock who has a record of actually supporting workers, bringing down costs, addressing supply chain issues, and creating good jobs – paying jobs – that sustain Georgia families instead of just pretending to like Herschel Walker.” 

FOX 24 Macon: ‘NO WAY WALKER’ Rally Calls Out GOP Candidate

  • Greg Loyd, Fox 28: “Some middle Georgia voters also met this morning for a ‘NO WAY WALKER’ rally in Macon. Herschel Walker is in a tight race against incumbent Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock for Georgia’s second Senate seat. Georgia House Minority Leader James Beverly was on hand, and he told voters it would be a mistake to send Walker to D.C. He added that Abrams and Warnock are the best candidates that this state has seen in a lifetime. Other speakers focused on what they called Walker’s red flags, saying his mental health and history with women cannot be overlooked.” 
  • Rep. James Beverly: “We call out Herschel Walker for his refusal to take responsibility for his long, damning pattern of lies, scams, and disturbing conduct. The people of Georgia – many of whom are voting right now – have a clear choice in this election. The whole point of serving in the Senate is to help people, but it appears Walker’s only interested in helping himself. Workers in Georgia deserve leaders who will fight for them, not lie to them.”

WGXA Macon: No Way Walker: Macon voices voting against Herschel

  • Macon voters held a press conference Thursday to voice their concerns about Senatorial Candidate Herschel Walker.
  • Their message urged voters to look at what they call a pattern of lies Walker continues to walk in, and hear why they are telling voters to vote Democrat.
  • Georgia’s House Minority Leader, Republican James Beverly, was in attendance and spoke at the event, saying, “Walker has a long history of disturbing conduct that he’s never taken accountability for — and Georgians deserve to know all of the facts before they make their decision. The whole point of serving in the Senate is to help people — but it appears Walker is only interested in helping himself. Small businesses and workers in Georgia deserve leaders who will fight for them, not lie to them.”
  • This following another report of a second woman who came forward regarding allegations she made of Walker pressuring her into having an abortion.
    With two days left in early voting, speakers wanted voters to make their voices heard.
  • One of those speakers, a Macon mother and domestic violence survivor, Caly Hess, who spoke about Walker’s pattern of ‘disturbing behavior’ and its effects on her life and the morals she teaches her sons.
  • Hess stated, “Politics is a public crucible; we learn who a candidate is as a campaign marches on. Everything we’ve learned about Herschel Walker is terrifying. He’s a danger to our community, and our country.
  • We need to do more than defeat him at the ballot box —we need to send a message that dangerously under-qualified and morally bankrupt candidates like him are less than we deserve.”
  • Veteran and former Milledgeville Mayor, Floyd Griffin, addressed Walker’s alleged lies regarding charity for veterans who have given their lives for the country we live in.
  • Griffin informed voters that “Walker has repeatedly lied about founding a charity for veterans–serving as a spokesperson for a private hospital chain’s for-profit program that ‘preyed upon veterans and service members while defrauding the government. It is shameless and extremely inappropriate for anyone to prey on veterans and their families, let alone someone trying to serve in the United States Senate. Georgia deserves a Senator who remains committed to the values we stand for.
  • And luckily, that’s who Senator Reverend Warnock is.”
  • Each speaker’s unanimous message: Walker has not earned citizens vote to represent them in the U.S. Senate.


The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer: ‘No Way Walker’ event in Columbus, GA encourages voters to turn out, vote for Warnock  

  • Georgia State Rep. Carolyn Hugley, D-Columbus, who represents House District 136, spoke Thursday at a “No Way Walker” event in downtown Columbus, Georgia. “He has no solutions. He’s an empty suit,” Hugley said about Walker. Georgia State House Rep.-Elect Teddy Reese, House District 140 and small business owner, and Bill Harlan,a Georgia voter and Vietnam veteran and Bill Harlan, also spoke.
  • Rep. Carolyn Hugley: “I would encourage all Georgians to remember that this is not the Georgia-Florida game. This is about the future of our children. It’s about the future of our democracy. We need to go and think about who has integrity, and who is someone who can represent you. Who is someone who is ready to lead? Who is the candidate who understands the problems that we face?
  • “Herschel Walker says he believes in redemption, but he doesn’t say what he’s going to do about any of the problems we face. He has no solutions. He’s an empty suit – so you need to think about who is going to represent us because it’s six years worth of representation that’s on the line. It’s your children’s future on the line. It’s whether or not we’re going to support our veterans – that’s on the line. It’s whether or not we believe that our seniors deserve to have social security – that’s on the line. 
  • “That’s what people need to think about, and they need to be thoughtful. And I would say they need to be prayerful about what we do in this election because it has such important consequences not only for us but for our children.” 


FOX 54 Augusta: Senate candidate Herschel Walker stops in Augusta as opponents question his campaign

  • Abby Bradshaw, Fox 54: “…But not everyone is a fan. A group also gathered at the Augusta Riverwalk Tuesday, questioning Walker’s ethics and calling on voters to choose Warnock instead. Citing [Walker’s] scams and disturbing conduct…” 
  • Rep. Gloria Frazier: “Herschel Walker still refuses to address his long pattern of violence. Instead, he repeatedly repeats the same lies.”
    Ray Montana, Georgia Voter: “He’ll be the same chump in the U.S. Senate if we let him in. What Herschel Walker is doing is boasting and lying for political benefit, and it’s totally disgusting.” 

The Augusta Chronicle: Democrats hold press conference after Herschel Walker rally in Augusta 

  • The Democratic Party of Georgia played host to a press conference at the Riverwalk to discuss Herschel Walker’s campaign on Tuesday, the same day the University of Georgia football great stumped in Augusta.
  • The group accused Walker of hiding from Georgians’ concerns and refusing to answer basic questions after new allegations of threatening another woman surfaced.
  • A woman came forward Wednesday to accuse Walker of encouraging and paying for her 1993 abortion. The accusation came just weeks after a former girlfriend said he did the same for her in 2009.
  • During the press conference, speakers said Walker’s pattern of lies and disturbing conduct proves he is not ready to represent Georgians.
  • Rep. Gloria Frazier, who serves House District 126, said as a mother she is disturbed by Walker’s pattern of violence against women.
  • “His pattern of conduct is disturbing, and above all, disqualifying,” Frazier said. “This man has a long history of disturbing conduct that he’s never taken accountability for and Georgians deserve to know all of the facts before they make their decision.”
  • Ray Montana, union member and community activist, endorsed Warnock.
  • “What Herschel Walker is doing, boasting and lying for political benefit, is disgusting,” Montana said. “The whole point of serving in the Senate is to help people, but it appears Walker is only interested in helping himself.”


WJCL Savannah: Herschel Walker holds rally in Richmond Hill, avoids talking about abortion allegations

  • While Walker discussed his stance on a variety of hot button issues, namely inflation, the military and his disapproval of the student loan forgiveness plan, there was one topic he avoided — the abortion allegations against him.
  • Walker declined to take questions from the media during Wednesday’s rally.


Georgia Workers, Union Leaders Call Out Herschel Walker’s Business Record, Pattern Of Lies

  • “As a union leader —and union member for the past 44 years — I’ve spent my working life committed to defending the rights and dignity of every Georgia worker. That’s why I am so disturbed by new reporting revealing that Herschel Walker’s business has been profiting off of the unpaid labor of people in drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs,” said Charlie Flemming, President of the Georgia AFL-CIO. “But worst of all, this is far from the only time that Herschel Walker has lied about helping vulnerable people while actually exploiting them — or displayed a pattern of deeply disturbing conduct.”
  • “It’s not just the fact that Walker has lied about pretty much every part of his background, like his inflated business success, his fake law enforcement ties, or his nonexistent donations to charities. It’s that he has a pattern of profiting from things that have hurt other people, like his connection to a fake charity that preyed on veterans,” said Sandra Williams, Deputy Political Director, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). “Absolutely nobody should be profiting off of the exploitation and mistreatment of vulnerable people – least of all somebody running to represent Georgians at the highest level of government.”
  • “Reverend Warnock has a record of actually serving working Georgians by creating and protecting good-paying jobs, and fighting for lower costs for working families on essentials like prescription drugs,” said Eric Richardson, Executive Director of the Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council. “Meanwhile, Herschel Walker, as we’ve learned, has a record of exploiting vulnerable workers, lying to Georgians about his record of scams and disturbing conduct, and demonstrating each and every day that he’s not ready to represent our families in the U.S. Senate.”


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