“NO QUESTIONS”: Walker Continues Pattern of Refusing To Answer A Single Question From Georgians

November 11, 2022

In his first appearance since the runoff began, Herschel Walker took “no questions” from the press while U.S. Senator Ted Cruz spoke with reporters — making it “even more obvious that Walker himself did not” answer for anything. 

The question Herschel Walker needs to answer this week: Given his severe underperformance, does Walker regret skipping any and all campaign events with Governor Brian Kemp?

It’s been at least 20 events in a row since Herschel Walker took a question from anyone but the most friendly conservative media outlets, doubling down on his strategy of hiding from Georgians’ concerns and refusing to answer even a single basic question on the trail — avoiding any explanation for his damning pattern of lies, scams, and disturbing conduct, or the latest report of a woman being threatened by Walker. The more Walker dodges, the clearer it is he is not ready to represent Georgians.

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