“No Comment” Walker Refuses to Tell Georgians Where he Stands

September 29, 2021

Since announcing his candidacy for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat 36 days ago, Herschel Walker has dodged questions about his positions and run a “largely behind closed doors” campaign that is causing Georgians to ask where he stands on the issues facing Georgia. 

Here are just a few of the questions Walker has dodged:

  • Is he vaccinated? Is he encouraging others to get vaccinated? No comment.
  • Does he support the SCOTUS abortion decision that his GOP rivals praised? Declined to comment.” And after days without speaking about the Texas law? Nothing but a blasé statement from a Walker spokesperson noting he is “strongly pro-life.”
  • Does he back Trump’s efforts to oust Republican leader Mitch McConnell? Declined comment.

“Why does Walker refuse to answer for any of the issues on the minds of Georgians?” said Dan Gottlieb, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Walker can keep on ignoring Georgians, avoiding questions, and failing to hold widely-publicized events — but voters are seeing right through his absentee campaign.” 


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