Nikema Williams, John Lewis’ Successor, on Herschel Walker Opposing Voting Rights Legislation

December 22, 2021

Today, Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker doubled down on his opposition to ensuring all eligible Georgia voters have access to the ballot box while claiming that the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, named after the Georgia congressman and civil rights leader, “doesn’t fit what John Lewis stood for.

In response, Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia and successor to Congressman John Lewis, released the following statement:

“Herschel Walker’s comment confirms he does not support protecting the fundamental right to vote and disrespects the legacy of the late Congressman John Lewis. Congressman Lewis dedicated his life to fighting for and protecting the right to vote. To honor him is to support this effort to pass federal voting rights legislation and guarantee every eligible American voter has free and fair access to the ballot. May Congressman Lewis’ memory continue to serve as an inspiration to us all in the fight for justice, freedom, and equality — and may craven politicians like Herschel Walker stop twisting the legacy of John Lewis for their own political gain.”


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