New Year, Same Challenges for Herschel Walker in #GASEN Primary

January 5, 2022

Herschel Walker’s campaign spent much of 2021 plagued by misstep after misstep, and it looks like more of the same is to be expected in 2022. Check out Walker’s rocky few weeks below: 

  • At a time when corporations are seeing “record profits,” Walker dismissed the need to pay workers more, claiming that “companies are suffering.”
  • Walker was roundly criticized for his most recent “confusing,” “disjointed,” and “baffling” video, with Gary Black, one of Walker’s primary opponents, jumping into the fray and calling him out for not being in Georgia.
  • Heading into the New Year, Walker faced swift backlash for incorrectly claiming that the critical voting rights legislation crafted by and named after John Lewis “doesn’t fit what John Lewis stood for.” Walker is opposed to legislation that ensures all eligible Georgia voters have access to the ballot box. 


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