New Report Shows Lower Than Expected Obamacare Premiums For Georgia

September 25, 2013


GOP efforts to repeal would hurt economy and raise average rates

ATLANTA, GA – As Republicans continue to march the country toward a government shutdown and a default on our obligations in an effort to defund Obamacare, the Georgia Democratic Party touted new data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services showing that Obamacare is working and will cost consumers less than anticipated.

“The new report found that health care rates in Georgia are affordable, especially with new subsidies that will be available for around half of Americans buying their health insurance. The report found that right here in Georgia, a 27 year old making $25,000 a year would have access to insurance plans as low as $103 per month and a family of four making $50,000 would only pay $132,” said DuBose Porter, DPG Chair. “Obamacare is working and Republicans in Washington are doing everything in their power to take it away, even if it means hurting our economy by shutting down the government and not paying our nation’s bills.”

The report found that in addition to lower premiums, in Georgia, consumers will be able to choose from an average of 50 plans so they can pick the one that works best for them and their family. The health care plans give Georgians access to quality affordable coverage with no lifetime caps on care, prevents coverage denial due to preexisting conditions, bars insurers from charging women more and so much more.

To view the report with a breakdown of how the Affordable Care Act is helping Georgians, click here.


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