NEW: Report Reveals Loeffler’s “Outside Adviser” Claims Don’t Block Her from Making Her Own Stock Trades

November 25, 2020

After previously claiming that a “third party advisor” made her trades, new report cites expert who reveals that “outside financial advisers” don’t stop senators from directing specific trades

ATLANTA — A new AP report today about Senator David Perdue’s latest shady stock trades once again debunks unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler’s lame excuses for her own “unseemly” trading, with an expert clearly stating that using “outside financial advisers” like those both Loeffler and Perdue claim they used for their stock trading “doesn’t preclude [them] from directing an adviser to make specific transactions.”

The one way an expert does suggest truly “avoid[ing] questions about their financial holdings”? Follow the “The Isakson Standard” and “put them in a blind trust” — the one thing both Loeffler and Perdue refuse to do.

This latest reality check on Loeffler’s feeble excuse for suspect trades also follows a new report in Mother Jones that lays out the massive political liability both Loeffler and Perdue’s stock trading records have become as both candidates “clearly don’t want the runoffs to focus” on their unsavory financial transactions.

Yet instead of following the advice of her GOP predecessor — who called blind trusts “the best way to comply…with the ethics disclosures” — Loeffler continues trying damage control and blame shifting even while she still holds “at least $10 million” in ICE securities after earlier promising to sell off all remaining individual stocks.

“Senator Kelly Loeffler’s ridiculous excuses for her coronavirus stock trades didn’t add up the first time she tried them — and this latest report once again shows that she can’t explain her way out of her pandemic profiteering,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “It’s time for Senator Loeffler to once and for all commit to following the basic standard of Senator Johnny Isakson and put her assets in a blind trust — and to stop using her ‘third party’ excuse that experts continue to debunk.”


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