NEW REPORT: Republicans’ Economic Plan Would Raise Taxes On Over 40% of Georgians

March 8, 2022

A new analysis from a non-partisan think tank shows Republican Senate Chair Rick Scott’s GOP agenda would raise taxes on tens of millions of Americans

According to new data released yesterday by a non-partisan think tank, Republicans’ economic agenda – which they have promised to pass if successful in this year’s midterm elections – would raise taxes on 42.5 percent of Georgians. 

While President Biden and Democrats are taking bold action to lower costs for working families and continue to strengthen our economic recovery, Georgia Republicans – including Herschel Walker and every other GOP candidate vying to challenge Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock – would be a rubber stamp for the GOP’s master plan of raising Georgians’ income taxes.

“Republicans have finally come clean about their economic agenda, and it is a disaster for families and working people across Georgia,” Scott Hogan, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia, said. “While Democrats are laser-focused on lowering costs for Americans, Republicans would raise taxes on over 40 percent of Georgians, including seniors and retirees. Every Georgia Republican must answer as to whether they agree with their party’s tax-hiking agenda – Georgia voters deserve to know.”


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