NEW: Poll Shows Perdue Senate Race Remains Highly Competitive

November 21, 2019

Following Warning Signs For GOP Including New Voter Registration Numbers and Recent Democratic Victories Across the South, Polling Shows Race As Competitive As Ever

Atlanta — A new poll conducted by SurveyUSA for 11Alive shows that the race for Senator David Perdue’s seat remains highly competitive with Perdue stuck at only 40% even against an unnamed opponent.

The poll shows the race nearly tied with Perdue barely edging out a generic Democrat by only 3 points while not managing to get above 40% himself.

WATCH: 11Alive’s Ryan Kruger breaks down these extremely worrisome results for Perdue:

Key line from 11Alive’s report: “Republican Senator David Perdue doesn’t even have an opponent yet and yet he’s still barely edging out a generic Democrat in our exclusive 11 Alive/SurveyUSA poll.”

This latest poll follows newly released rankings by Politico earlier this week listing Georgia as a key competitive Senate race to watch, along with recent Republican defeats across the South showing “2020 trouble for Republicans” as they continue to struggle with suburban voters “who powered Democrats to gains in the State Legislature last fall.” 

And the news keeps getting worse for Georgia Republicans. Already in 2019, voter registrations have skyrocketed with more than 300,000 Georgians newly registered to vote, nearly half of whom are people of color and 45% of whom are under the age of 30, according to Fair Fight.

“Given Senator Perdue’s out-of-touch agenda of trying to rip health care away from millions while giving giant corporate special interests new tax breaks, it’s no surprise that Georgia voters are ready for a change,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Instead of trying to help Georgia families, Senator Perdue has spent his time in Washington cozying up to powerful special interests and the wealthiest 1%, and this new poll is just the latest evidence that his record of turning his back on Georgians means they’re more than ready to turn away from him and elect a Democratic Senator in 2020.”


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