NEW POLL: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

August 25, 2021

“‘It’s a long time coming,’ said John Plaskowsky, 55, a business manager and a Republican from Suwannee, Georgia, who was among those surveyed.”

Today, a new poll conducted by USA TODAY/Suffolk University was released showing that an overwhelming majority of Americans support President Joe Biden’s infrastructure and budget bills. The poll reports that 63% of Americans back the President’s historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, in addition to 52% of Americans supporting the President’s budget plan. 

The survey highlights one Republican from Suwanee who “supports both the ‘hard’ infrastructure bill and the so-called ‘human infrastructure’ bill that includes funding for education, child care, expanded Medicare benefits and clean energy” and believes that the President’s budget can do even more to improve people’s lives than ‘a better road or a better bridge.’”

“This poll is a testament to how strongly President Biden’s agenda is resonating with everyday Georgians,” Rhyan Lake, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Georgia, said. “Good roads, stronger bridges, better schools, and affordable health care are issues that supersede party lines. Georgians are rallying behind the president’s agenda because they see how the Biden-Harris administration has already made historic progress to build back the Peach State from the bottom up and the middle out.”


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