NEW: Perdue Skipped Critical Hearing for Military Families to Attend Big Donor Event

February 4, 2020

New report shows that Perdue put big donor event ahead of his Senate duties, skipping key hearing on poor housing conditions for military families 

Political scientist Dr. Charles Bullock: “Missing a committee meeting…that directly impacts your constituency for a fundraiser? Probably not a smart idea.”

ATLANTA — Last night, a new 11 Alive report revealed that Senator David Perdue skipped a critical oversight hearing focused on the poor housing conditions military families are facing at bases like Georgia’s Fort Benning to attend a high-dollar donor meeting, putting his big campaign contributors ahead of servicemembers and their families.


Key points:

“All of that money pouring in…also spotlights Senator Perdue – who skipped a Senate committee meeting. The reason for missing the meeting? He was attending a donor event instead.”

“Perdue is a member of the sub-committee. Perdue missed the three hour meeting according to a transcript.”

“The ‘boardroom’ meeting with campaign donors started at 4 p.m. And Perdue joined them while the Senate sub-committee hearing continued, in his absence, a few blocks away.”

“[UGA Professor Charles Bullock:] ‘Missing a committee meeting…that directly impacts your constituency for a fundraiser? Probably not a smart idea.’”

“Perdue’s office released a statement…the statement did not address his scheduling that day nearly a year ago. We tried for days, but never got to chat with the senator.”

While military families and servicemembers were struggling with poor housing conditions at facilities like Fort Benning, Perdue was too busy dealing with big donors “buying access” to even bother attending this critical hearing — and was the only sub-committee member to be absent. Once again, Perdue’s wealthy and special interest backers came before Georgia families.

“Senator David Perdue’s choice to put his big campaign donors ahead of military families reveals where his true priorities lie,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Instead of doing his job standing up for Georgia servicemembers, Senator Perdue is clearly more interested in hobnobbing with his wealthy special interest backers who can afford to buy access to his time.”


11Alive: Sen. Perdue attends donor event, skips hearing on military families

  • This year’s election is expected to be the most expensive in history. And it spotlights a Georgia candidate – US Senator David Perdue (R-Georgia) – who skipped a Senate subcommittee meeting and attended a donor event instead.
  • To get yearly donations from high-dollar supporters, Perdue formed what he calls “the Boardroom,” as disclosed by the Center for Public Integrity. 
  • [UGA Professor Charles Bullock said] such donors are “buying access. So, you can have face time with the legislator. Or when you call the office, the receptionist puts you through to the legislator. That’s what you’re paying for if you’re a big-dollar donor.”
  • Last year, Perdue had a “Boardroom” meeting scheduled with his biggest donors near the US Capitol Feb. 13 – on what turned out to be a busy workday for senators.
  • That afternoon, a Senate Armed Services subcommittee held a sometimes-contentious hearing on a thorny issue over substandard military housing at Georgia’s Ft. Benning and other facilities nationwide.
  • Perdue is a member of the subcommittee, but he missed the three hour meeting, according to a transcript.  Nineteen senators attended the hearing. Perdue was the only subcommittee member absent.
  • The “boardroom” meeting with campaign donors started at 4 p.m. Perdue joined them while the senate subcommittee hearing continued, in his absence, a few blocks away.
  • “Missing a committee or subcommittee meeting that directly impacts your constituency – for a fundraiser? Probably not a smart idea,” Bullock said.
  • Perdue’s office released a statement saying the senator “has taken strong action to improve military housing at bases in Georgia,” but didn’t address his scheduling on Feb. 13, 2019.


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