NEW: Perdue Pledges To Gut Social Security, Medicare If Reelected

October 6, 2020

Perdue: Social Security and Medicare “is what I hope to get at in my second term”

Perdue has a long record of fighting to put Social Security on the chopping block, and earlier said cutting a vital funding source was “top of [his] list”

ATLANTA — Today in a radio interview with Oconee Radio Group, Senator David Perdue revealed if he gets reelected to serve another term that he would slash Social Security and Medicare, saying that the retirement and health care programs Georgia seniors depend on are “not under control” and “if we don’t get at those things we will have a runaway debt crisis.” According to Perdue, the hard-earned benefits programs that many Georgians rely on are “what’s causing the huge run up” – not his tax giveaway to corporations and the super wealthy projected to balloon the national debt by nearly $2 trillion.

Time and time again, Senator Perdue has led the charge against Georgians’ Social Security and Medicare benefits. Even while a number of his fellow Republicans broke with President Trump over his payroll tax plan, Senator David Perdue enabled Trump’s call to make permanent cuts to a key Social Security funding source, even as Georgians were losing their jobs and health care amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now, President Trump’s plan to eliminate the payroll tax could permanently deplete the Social Security trust fund within three years. 

Perdue previously said earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare are “the problem” and blamed vital programs like these for “causing this debt.” Just last year, Senator Perdue renewed his push for Congress to overhaul its government funding process, introducing a bill he hoped would be “the first step toward tackling Social Security [and] Medicare.”  Perdue was even caught saying critical earned benefits programs like Social Security and Medicare have “failed…working men and women.”

“Senator Perdue should be working to deliver relief for the thousands of Georgians who have lost their jobs and health care coverage during this pandemic, but instead he’s scheming about how to cut hard-earned benefits should he get reelected.” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “When Perdue enthusiastically supports a deficit-exploding tax break for his corporate backers, but says we can’t afford to fund hard-earned benefits for Georgia seniors, it’s clear he’s only fighting for his special interest donors, not Georgia families.”


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