New Perdue Ad Takes Credit for Bill He Earlier Claimed He “Held My Nose” to Support

August 5, 2020

Despite ad claims, Perdue downplayed big corporations taking small business relief and “personally opposed” direct economic aid during coronavirus outbreak

ATLANTA — After the latest round of Republican infighting in Washington let expanded aid expire for millions of unemployed workers, Senator David Perdue has a new ad today trying to claim credit for relief programs.

The reality? Perdue previously claimed he had to “hold my nose” to vote for the same legislation he’s now touting — and that he “personally opposed” critical parts of the bill like direct economic relief for Georgians, which he later promoted after the bill passed.

But Perdue’s record standing with corporate special interests over everyday Georgians doesn’t stop there. Not only did Perdue originally support a Republican-backed plan that featured a multi-billion dollar slush fund for big corporations with little accountability and independent oversight, but he later downplayed revelations that major companies got funding from small business relief, calling banks taking “more than $10 billion in fees” off the program “the cost of doing business.”

“Senator David Perdue has always put his corporate and special interest backers first, and his response to the coronavirus outbreak is no exception,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “While Georgia families were hurting in a global crisis, Perdue ‘personally opposed’ direct economic relief and had to ‘hold my nose’ to vote for legislation he’s now trying to promote in his ads.”


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