New Perdue Ad Elevates Nasty GOP Primary, Fails to Address Issues Facing Georgians

February 1, 2022

Today, former Senator David Perdue’s campaign released a new TV ad featuring an endorsement from former President Donald Trump and an attack on Brian Kemp. The ad, in which Trump fails to mention any issues facing Georgians, or even utter the word Georgia, is the latest in an “ugly — and costly — intraparty war” that’s devolved into a personal feud. Previously, Kemp launched attack ads against Perdue, calling him out for outsourcing American jobs to China while lining his own pockets.

“Every day that Kemp and Perdue continue their petty fights, it becomes clearer that they’re more concerned with tearing each other down than offering solutions to improve Georgians’ lives. While racing to the extremes, they’re ignoring crucial issues facing Georgians like access to affordable health care, quality education, and creating economic opportunity for all. This election isn’t about Donald Trump — it’s about building a united Georgia where everyone has an opportunity to prosper,” stated Max Flugrath, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

While the personal attacks continue, Kemp and Perdue continue to oppose expanding Medicaid, which would provide over 500,000 Georgians with access to affordable health care and create 64,000 jobs, including about 22,000 in health care. Neither Kemp nor Perdue have discussed a plan to fully fund public schools to provide students in all zip codes with a quality education.


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