NEW: Monmouth Poll Shows Ossoff With Surging Lead Over Perdue

October 28, 2020

Monmouth poll reveals “David Perdue has lost his lead,” trailing Jon Ossoff by 3 points in the Peach state

ATLANTA — Today, a new Monmouth poll shows clear momentum behind Jon Ossoff as he leads Senator David Perdue among registered Georgia voters by a 49 to 46% margin and shows a commanding lead among independent voters by a 60 to 30% margin. 

Polling showing Perdue trailing Ossoff and Perdue’s own warning that “the state of Georgia is in play,” has forced Mitch McConnell’s super PAC to shower Georgia in cash from big-money donors to save the so-called “original outsider” (and actual “establishment player”) and, according to the Daily Beast, one in every five dollars spent to date by McConnell’s super PAC nationwide has gone to ads attacking Jon Ossoff.

As Ossoff’s support across the state surges, favor for Senator David Perdue has sharply plummeted amid intense scrutiny for his intentional flub of Senator Kamala Harris’s name at a Trump rally in Macon on October 16th and unpopular vote for President Trump’s anti-health care Supreme Court pick who poses a threat to safeguarding coverage for nearly 2 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions.

Yesterday at a rally in Atlanta, Vice President Biden slammed Perdue, saying his purposeful mockery of Harris’ name has “got to stop,” and that Perdue and Trump “try to degrade everything and everybody.” Perdue’s “cheap, racist joke” at a rally for President Trump just weeks ago sparked nationwide condemnation and was rightly characterized as a disgusting attempt to echo Trump’s divisive rhetoric to score political cheers as he desperately tries to save his losing reelection bid.

Perdue also remains under scrutiny for trying to “obscure [his] position on pre-existing conditions,” despite a PolitiFact fact-check ruling Perdue’s claim to support protections for people with pre-existing conditions as “False.” When asked if he supported the Trump Administration-backed lawsuit to eliminate the ACA, Perdue replied “of course.”

“Georgia voters are very clear in their opposition to Senator Perdue and his reckless agenda to strip away critical health care protections for families and stoke division at a time when we need unity,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Jon Ossoff is surging in Georgia because voters are tired of Perdue’s failed leadership during this pandemic. He’s done nothing but line his pockets and push his corporate agenda over Georgia workers and small businesses.” 


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