NEW: Loeffler Praises Trump’s Botched Pandemic Response — While Ignoring Ongoing Coronavirus Crisis in Georgia

August 26, 2020

Hundreds of thousands unemployed as Georgia faces high infection rates, but Loeffler ignores suffering Georgians

ATLANTA — Today, unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler praised President Donald Trump and his “economic boom” as part of the Republican National Convention — even as Georgia faces sky high coronavirus infection rates and hundreds of thousands remain unemployed across the state.

Rather than focusing on getting Georgians the relief they need in this crisis, Loeffler has continued to ignore the surging pandemic that has made Georgia “among [the] worst states in the nation for new Covid-19 cases” as she continues her extended summer vacation from her appointed job in the Senate without having passed any additional aid for struggling families. And Georgia’s recovery is still ranked last in the country after the economy faced its “worst quarter on record,” but Loeffler didn’t even mention coronavirus or the ongoing recession in her remarks.

Of course, Loeffler is no stranger to downplaying the coronavirus pandemic. Early on in the outbreak, she claimed that “the economy is strong” and that Americans should “rest assured” about the coronavirus threat — while she and her husband sold off millions in stocks and invested in “a company that makes COVID-19 protective garments.” 

“Senator Kelly Loeffler couldn’t be more out of touch — while she brags about ‘prosperity and success,’ Georgia families are still dealing with recession and pandemic,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “It’s clear that Loeffler has been more focused on scoring points with the White House and protecting her stock portfolio than facing the disastrous reality on the ground for Georgia families.”


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