NEW: Loeffler Flies High Above Everyday Georgians in Secret Private Jet

February 20, 2020

After using her fortune to buy herself a temporary Senate appointment, Loeffler’s secretive private jet use shows how out-of-touch she is with Georgia voters

ATLANTA — Today, a new AJC report revealed that temporary senator and “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler has been using a private jet to hop between DC and Georgia — and even to take an 18-minute flight between Atlanta and Macon — showing yet again how out-of-touch the unelected senator is with everyday Georgians.

Not only did Loeffler buy a multimillion-dollar aircraft specifically to jet around the state for her Senate bid, but she also did her best to keep her luxury purchase secret from Georgia voters. In fact, her jet is chartered under a system offering “anonymity” — and was even listed as “not available for public tracking per request from the owner/operator” in a flight-tracking system. 

This isn’t the first time Loeffler has demonstrated just how out-of-step she is with everyday Georgians. Ever since she pledged $20 million in a bid to buy herself a temporary Senate seat, Loeffler continues to struggle with out-of-touch behavior, most recently posing as a hunter in a new ad only to be caught without a Georgia hunting license just days later.

“Between her new private jet and hunting ad debacle, Kelly Loeffler is doing everything she can to show just how out-of-touch she is with Georgia voters,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Loeffler can’t possibly understand the concerns of everyday Georgians when all she seems concerned with is hiding her private air travel.”

AJC: Loeffler jet a Georgia campaign trail asset, but also fuel for critics

  • [Loeffler’s private jet] fuels critics who are pushing to portray the former financial executive as an out-of-touch multimillionaire who whisks to meetings with Georgia farmers and small-town officials on her private jet.
  • The plane is a Bombardier CL30, a midsize business jet that typically lists between $7 million for older models and four times that for newer versions.
  • Records show the plane is chartered under TVPX Aircraft Solutions, which specializes in a form of “owner trust” that some in the business aviation industry have adopted. Among the benefits of the system, the company says on its website, is offering U.S. clients “anonymity.”
  • Indeed, the plane was listed as “not available for public tracking per request from the owner/operator” on Flight Aware, a commonly used flight-tracking system.
  • Flight data shows the plane has made several recent trips between the Fulton County Airport and Washington-area airfields.
  • Loeffler appears to be the only member of Georgia’s congressional delegation to regularly commute to Washington on a private jet.


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