NEW: GOP Feud Intensifies as Kemp Ally Files Ethics Complaint Against Collins

April 24, 2020

Collins faces new ethics scandal sparked from within his own party after Loeffler has spent the past month dealing with the fallout from her coronavirus stock trades

ATLANTA — A bombshell new report from the National Journal revealed that State Representative David Clark, a Gov.* Brian Kemp ally and Speaker David Ralston opponent, has filed multiple ethics complaints against top Trump ally Congressman Doug Collins as Republicans enter “a new chapter” in their intraparty feud.

Clark’s complaint claims Collins violated ethics rules against using House floor footage for political purposes as part of his paid media. It also comes after unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler has spent the past month embroiled in an ethics scandal of her own over her coronavirus stock trades

But Collins is not alone in potentially using public office for political benefit either. Loeffler had previously come under fire this week (including from Collins) for a report detailing her use of coronavirus relief efforts “for political gain” to assist her flailing campaign. Now, as both candidates enter this “new chapter” in their bitter intraparty brawl, Georgians can only expect this fight to get even meaner as both Collins and Loeffler desperately try to stay ahead of their ethical scandals.

Read more about the latest move in the GOP’s “brutal Republican-on-Republican fight”:

National Journal: State lawmaker files ethics complaint against Doug Collins

  • A Georgia Republican state legislator filed a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics on Thursday, accusing Republican Rep. Doug Collins of using House floor footage in campaign ads and calling for an investigation.
  • “His ongoing, flagrant use of House floor footage in campaign advertisements and solicitations is a clear violation of House Ethics rules and Federal law,” state Rep. David Clark wrote in a letter to OCE Chairman David Skaggs and members of the board.
  • In two complaints obtained by National Journal, Clark cited 12 Facebook ads that showed Collins on the House floor, estimating that Collins spent at least $6,600 on them since Feb. 16.
  • “Make no mistake, Collins is profiting off of the back of taxpayers, and appears to not care,” Clark wrote.
  • The OCE may take up to a year to review the complaint if it begins an investigation. The review would not be disclosed to the public until an investigation is completed.
  • Collins has “been in office for a long time,” Clark said. “As much as you want to say Kelly Loeffler is establishment … but then you see with Doug, his connections, who he hangs out with, how he’s voted—it’s not like he’s this big conservative voter.”
  • Since her appointment, Loeffler has faced a barrage of criticism over stock transactions outlined in her personal-finance disclosures. Collins has incorporated criticism of Loeffler’s financial ethics heavily in his attacks against the incumbent.
  • Ralston and Clark have a contentious relationship, as Clark called for Ralston’s resignation in 2019, adding to efforts by Georgia’s tea-party leaders to oust the speaker.


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