NEW: Both of Georgia’s Senators in Danger of Losing Their Seats As Georgia Is “Becoming a Battleground”

May 14, 2020

After newly released GOP polling confirms that Georgia is in play, Hotline’s Senate rankings show both seats are increasingly likely to flip

ATLANTA — Following yesterday’s news of yet another GOP internal poll showing that, to quote a vulnerable Republican senator, “the state of Georgia is in play,” the National Journal’s Hotline now ranks both of Georgia’s Senate seats among those “most likely to flip” in 2020.

The ranking notes that unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler is in “dangerous territory” following her stock trading scandal that raised “uncomfortable questions” and subsequent “unflattering headlines.” Senator David Perdue, meanwhile, is also “feeling the heat” following leaked internal GOP polling showing his seat is in play — something Perdue was already caught privately admitting to conservative activists weeks ago.

With both of Georgia’s Senate seats ranked among the “most competitive” in the country, Georgia Republicans are in an increasingly vulnerable position as it becomes more clear than ever that “Georgia looks like it’s becoming a battleground.”

Read the full report on Hotline’s latest Senate rankings:

National Journal: Hotline’s Senate Power Rankings

  • Since January, Republican Senate candidates have been dealt a rough hand.
  • In Georgia, two internal GOP polls show competitive Senate and presidential races on the horizon.
  • Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision to appoint Loeffler to Sen. Johnny Isakson’s seat over Rep. Doug Collins drew the businesswoman enemies among conservatives who preferred the Trump-aligned congressman.
  • Then the stock market crashed and Loeffler’s personal finances brought up uncomfortable questions.
  • Though she has virtually unlimited resources and the backing of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Senate Leadership Fund, frequent attacks from Collins and unflattering headlines put her in dangerous territory.
  • Don’t sleep on the other Senate race in the Peach State. Perdue is feeling the heat as well, considering two internal polls from Georgia Republicans showed Democrat Jon Ossoff within striking distance of the first-term senator.
  • Perdue is very much aware he’s in for a competitive race: In a closed-door meeting, Perdue told supporters the seat is “in play.”


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