NEW: After Republicans Voice Concerns about Burt Jones’ Liabilities, GOP LG Candidate Now Involved in Criminal Investigation

July 18, 2022

GOP strategists had warned Jones could “torpedo the rest of the down-ballot Republican candidates”

After the Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlighted growing concern among Republicans about GOP Lieutenant Governor candidate and State Senator Burt Jones’ involvement in a phony electors scheme in 2020, Jones is now drawing increased legal scrutiny: new reporting revealed that Jones is a target of a criminal investigation into efforts to overturn Georgia’s 2020 elections.

According to the AJC, both State Sen. Jones and Georgia GOP Chairman David Shafer could possibly be indicted in the investigation, raising questions about the impact on the rest of the Republican ticket – including Brian Kemp, Chris Carr, and more down-ballot races.

As the AJC reported, a Republican strategist warned, “It’s a massive liability, especially heading into November…At what point does the FBI call up Burt Jones and say, ‘Hey, you were a fake elector,’ and what’s the effect on the downticket ballot? There’s a massive underlying sense that he can take everybody down.”

The phony elector slate is one drop in the bucket of Jones’ checkered record. Jones has spent his campaign fanning the flames of debunked election conspiracy theories, including pushing to convene a special legislative session to investigate the 2020 election. Jones last year was stripped of his committee chairmanship in the state legislature over his attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, but has continued to brag about those efforts on the campaign trail.


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