NEW: 70,000 Georgians Now Eligible for Student Debt Cancellation Thanks to Biden-Harris Administration

October 4, 2023

Thanks to new actions from the Biden-Harris administration, an additional 125,000 Americans have been approved for $9 billion in student debt relief — boosting the total number of eligible borrowers in Georgia to 70,000.

“For too long, student debt has been an obstacle for Georgians trying to earn their way into the middle class — but President Biden and Vice President Harris recognize that a college education should be a stepping stone, not a barrier, to a better life,” said DPG spokesperson Ellie Schwartz. “Thanks to the Biden-Harris administration’s unwavering commitment to providing a pathway to the middle class through education, thousands more Georgians are now eligible for student loan relief — further proof that Bidenomics is building the economy from the bottom up and the middle out.” 


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