Nathan Deal’s Georgia: Where “Swing and a Miss” Becomes the Status Quo

February 13, 2014

Release:  Thursday, February 13, 2014     


Nathan Deal’s Georgia:  Where “Swing and a Miss” Becomes the Status Quo 

Chairman Porter asks “What has Nathan Deal been doing for the last three years?”


Atlanta, GA – Today, Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter expressed concerns that under the leadership of Gov. Nathan Deal, Georgia has set its bar of expectations too low.


“What has our state come to when we’re thankful when the governor actually did his job,” asked Chairman Porter. “When you have a leader who gets it right the first time, your state doesn’t end up in the bottom percentile of every ranking that matters.”


Chairman Porter also questioned why Governor Nathan Deal failed to use an emergency weather alert system during last month’s severe winter storm that was approved for use in 2012.


“What has Nathan Deal been doing for the last three years—because it sure hasn’t been governing,” said Chairman Porter. “This technology was given the green light two years ago, yet reports say the system hasn’t even been configured or tested. Imagine how many families could have avoided being stranded on the roads if we had a governor capable enough to use the scientific advances the 21st century has afforded us.”


Similar to an Amber Alert, the emergency weather alert system sends push notifications to cellphones using GPS technology. The system was successfully used in the Northeast during 2012’s Hurricane Sandy and last year in Colorado to send flood warnings.


“Deal’s handling of last month’s winter storm was a national disgrace and every day brings another reason why,” continued Chairman Porter. “Georgia needs a governor who realizes that emergency management is about action, not press conferences or photo ops. We need a decisive leader who can tackle the real problems we face, not a politician who pretends to be a leader on TV.”


The Chairman concluded by pointing to the running theme of Nathan Deal’s term as governor—bad judgment, followed by apologies, followed by being dragged kicking and screaming to do what was right all along.


“Deal got it wrong on HOPE, state employee benefits, funding for education, support for rural hospitals—the list goes on,” said the Chairman. “When the failures of his policies are pointed out, he does a flip-flop and pretends the right call was his idea the whole time.”






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Georgia received federal approval to use the technology, which resembles the “Amber alert” system for missing children, in 2012. It puts a big, type message on the phone’s home screen, accompanied by a distinctive sound and a vibration. The alert goes to cell phones within a given geographic area automatically, without the users having signed up for the service.


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