More great news for GA Democrats

January 24, 2013

We have more great news for Georgia Democrats!

Earlier this week, Chairman Mike Berlon and Treasurer Sen. Lester Jackson both assumed larger roles in the Democratic National Committee.

  • Mike Berlon was elected to serve as the Southern Chair on the DNC Executive Committee, a prestigious role that will help Georgia influence the debate at the highest levels of the national party.
  • Sen. Lester Jackson was appointed to serve on the powerful Credentials Committee, which determines membership and participation in the national party.
These influential positions will give Georgia a much stronger voice in national affairs and policy decisions, particularly during the upcoming 2014 election cycle. In recent history, Georgia has never had such a prominent role within the national party.

What does this mean?

It means a more successful Democratic Party of Georgia. With more electoral votes than most other states and a strong showing in November’s Presidential election, Georgia is poised to become the next great battleground state. Of all the states that went republican in November, only one other (NC) had a closer margin than ours.

Congratulations to our Chairman and Treasurer. More importantly, congratulations to hardworking Georgia Democrats like you. We’re targeting key races, registering new voters, and recruiting competitive candidates. The tide is turning.

We’re winning the future, and we’re doing it as a team

If you’re eager to grow our Democratic strength even more, please consider a donation to our cause. Your gift of $100, $50, $20 or whatever you can afford will make a big difference in mobilizing new voters throughout the state. You can contribute securely online here.


For more information on Chairman Berlon’s and Treasurer Jackson’s promotions at the DNC, click here.

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