Meet the GOP Candidates Tonight…Except for Herschel Walker

April 19, 2022

Tonight, the Thomas County GOP will host a packed list of Trump and non-Trump endorsed Republican candidates…except for Herschel Walker. For the majority of his eight-month campaign, Walker has been avoiding interactions with Georgians, dodging serious questions, and “only participa[ting] in closely controlled campaign events, including some that require tickets, forbid video recording and restrict media access.” 

Walker’s refusal to appear in front of Georgians has sparked criticism from Georgia Republicans, conservative commentators, and GOP activists alike. In case you’re just tuning in:

  • Story after story after story after story after story exposing his overwhelming pattern of lies, exaggerations, and unanswered questions
  • Last week, a bombshell report from The Daily Beast exposed his “previously unexamined, and particularly egregious, false claims” — including proof that Walker “claims to own companies that don’t exist.”
  • And a recent report from GPB News raises “red flags” about potential “conflicts of interests” in Herschel Walker’s personal financial disclosure, which is “missing key information” and contains major “inconsistencies.” 

See the the full list of Georgia Republicans attending the event here:


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