Marco Rubio Brings Amateur Hour Road Show to Georgia, with Failed Policies in Tow

November 12, 2015

Release:  Thursday, November 12, 2015                                                                                         


Marco Rubio Brings Amateur Hour Road Show to Georgia, with Failed Policies in Tow



Atlanta, GA – Hot off the heels of a lackluster debate performance and several days of bad news, Marco Rubio heads to Atlanta today to grab checks at a fundraising event. After Tuesday’s debate, Rubio has proved that he is more concerned with building a hefty campaign coffer than building the middle class. He also proved to Georgians—and the rest of America—that he is not ready for prime time.


“Mark this one down for the record books—Nathan Deal and I agree on something. Neither of us is impressed with Marco Rubio. It really is absurd that someone like No-show Rubio who doesn’t show up to work is asking for a promotion.


“Rubio paints himself as a candidate for the future, but his recycled GOP agenda for the middle class and foreign affairs has already been rejected by the American people time and again. Marco Rubio trying to act as though there’s daylight between his policies and those of Trump and Carson is laughable. Instituting any of his ‘solutions’ for Georgia families would be like trying put out a dumpster fire with a leaf blower.” – Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter


Marco Rubio isn’t fooling anyone. He’s pushing the same failed policies that have proven to be disastrous for America.


Rubio said raising the minimum wage is a “disaster.”  [MSNBC, 11-11-15]


Rubio called policies that benefit the middle class—like paid family leave, affordable healthcare, and a quality education—“giveaways.”  [NY Mag, 11-11-15]


Rubio reiterated his intention to repeal Obamacare.  [TIME, 11-11-15]


Rubio couldn’t even articulate his tax plan to cut taxes for the rich while leaving the middle class behind, saying “I am proud that I have a pro-family tax code, because the pro-family tax plan that I have will strengthen the most important institution in the family—in the country, the family.” Huh?  [YOUTUBE, 11-11-15]


The main beneficiary of Rubio’s tax plan…wait for it…the top 0.0003 percent.  [Washington Post, 11-5-15]


There are still unanswered questions regarding Rubio’s ongoing credit card controversy.  [Tampa Bay Times, 11-5-15]


Rubio touts the same outdated Cold War-era policies that put America at risk under the Bush Administration.  [Business Insider, 6-4-15]


Rubio has trouble showing up to his current job, missing key hearings on ISIS, Iran, and Osama bin Laden.  [Politico, 7-27-15]


Plain and simple, Marco Rubio is unfit to serve as President of the United States.




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