Major Internet Expansion in Rural Georgia Made Possible Thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan

February 2, 2022

Georgia is set to utilize $408 million in funding from President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan to expand internet access in 70 counties across the state, connecting over 132,000 homes and businesses. This investment is a major boost from the previous year’s $20 million allocation and is only possible thanks to the Biden-Harris administration and Georgia Democrats. Georgia Republicans, on the other hand, tried to stand in the way of this relief for rural Georgia and unanimously opposed the American Rescue Plan.

“Almost one year after the American Rescue Plan passed, President Biden’s historic relief package continues to deliver transformative results for hardworking Georgians across this state,” Rhyan Lake, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Georgia, said. “For far too long under Republican leadership, rural communities have suffered from a lack of investment in internet expansion, but thanks to Democrats, the American Rescue Plan will help make sure that hundreds of thousands of Georgia homes and businesses have the access they need. If Georgia Republicans had their way, however, our state wouldn’t see a penny of this funding. After shamefully opposing the American Rescue Plan, the Georgia GOP has President Biden to thank for delivering for our state.”


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