LOEFFLER WATCH: Will Loeffler Say She’s “Ashamed” of Kemp Like Trump Or Stand Behind Her Political Patron?

November 30, 2020

Trump has slammed Kemp as “hapless” and claimed he’s “ashamed” of his endorsement, yet Loeffler remains silent on attacks against her Senate appointer

Atlanta — It’s been 24 hours, and unelected “mega-donorKelly Loeffler still has yet to answer a key question for Georgians: 

Does Senator Loeffler agree with President Trump, who is “ashamed” of endorsing “hapless” Governor Brian Kemp, or will she defend her political patron who bucked Trump’s wishes to give her a Senate seat?

Loeffler previously spent months pledging to stand behind Trump “100%” and even claiming there’s not a single place where she and Trump disagree. But Trump’s repeated jabs at Kemp now force her to choose between standing behind Trump or supporting the governor who initially appointed her to the Senate, kicking off his rift with Trump in the first place.

Now, as Trump pours gasoline on an already “full-blown civil war” ahead of his visit on Saturday, Loeffler must break her silence and answer: Does she stand with President Trump “100%,” or not?

“Senator Kelly Loeffler has never been shy about supporting President Donald Trump ‘100%’ until now,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “After saying there’s not a single place where she disagrees with Trump, it’s time for Senator Loeffler to answer whether that is still true now that Trump is attacking her political patron.”


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