Loeffler STILL Won’t Answer If FBI Contacted Her Over Stock Trades or Asked for Her Documents

May 15, 2020

As Loeffler attempts damage control on her coronavirus stock trading, she still hasn’t said whether or not she’s talked to the FBI or if federal authorities asked for her documents

ATLANTA — Unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler’s latest attempt to distract from her stock trading scandal by revealing she’s turned over documents to federal authorities still leaves a few key questions unanswered:

  1. Did federal authorities ask Loeffler for these documents before she turned them over?
  2. Had the FBI already approached Loeffler about her coronavirus stock trading like they have other Senators?

Ever since news broke that the FBI served a warrant to Senator Richard Burr and seized his cellphone over his own stock trades, Loeffler has tried to dodge reporters’ questions while refusing to answer whether or not she’s had contact with the FBI. This latest attempt at damage control not only continues to leave questions unanswered but marks yet another example of Loeffler refusing to be honest with Georgians over her own “unseemly” trades.

“Georgians deserve answers from Kelly Loeffler, not dodges and deflections,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “It’s past time for Loeffler to stop avoiding critical questions and get honest with Georgians about her stock trading record and the extent of her contacts with federal law enforcement.”

Read the latest on Loeffler’s attempts to distract from her growing scandal:


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