Loeffler STILL Taking Credit for Front Lines Funding that Democrats Fought For and GOP Opposed

April 23, 2020

After Democrats won funding for hospitals and testing while Loeffler attacked them on Twitter, Loeffler now brags about funding while downplaying her own political attacks

ATLANTA — Unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler has spent this week touting funding for the front lines in the latest coronavirus relief package while attacking Democrats for supposed “delays.” The problem? Democrats were the ones who fought for this critical funding after Republicans delayed the package by refusing to include this needed relief last week.

Loeffler kicked off her bragging about more money for the front lines in a tweet late Tuesday that simultaneously attacked Democrats:

She also called attention to provisions “providing $75 billion for our hospitals” and “$25 billion to expand testing” in a statement from her office, calling both elements “key to supporting our front-line workers.” Yet in that same statement, Loeffler also claimed Democrats “caused unnecessary delays” — despite the fact that these “delays” were caused by Republicans refusing to accept the same “key” funding Loeffler went on to brag about.

Just for good measure, Loeffler then followed that up with a tweet yesterday further doubling-down on provisions that Democrats fought for while the GOP opposed:

Yet after repeatedly bragging about these funding provisions while bashing Democrats on social media, Loeffler then told the Chattanooga Times Free Press that “the aid package should not be a partisan issue,” ignoring her own attacks on Democrats and their work to secure the funding she’s now touting.

“Senator Kelly Loeffler clearly has no problem playing politics — as long as she’s the one who gets to claim credit at the end,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Despite GOP opposition, Democrats fought hard for hospital funding and testing provisions along with additional resources for small businesses while Loeffler spent time bashing Democrats on Twitter. Instead of accusing the other side of playing political games, maybe Loeffler should get to work accomplishing the things she wants to brag about later.”


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