Loeffler Still Standing Behind “Legalized Discrimination” Bill on Anniversary of Legislation’s Passage

March 17, 2020

Four years since Georgia Republicans’ ill-fated attempt to enshrine “legalized discrimination” into Georgia law, Loeffler still stands behind this disaster for Georgians’ civil rights and business community

ATLANTA — Yesterday marked four years since Georgia Republicans’ reckless push to pass a “legalized discrimination” bill that would have potentially devastated Georgia businesses — and almost exactly 3 months since unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler officially stood behind these efforts to enshrine “legalized discrimination” into Georgia state law.

Despite being described as “discriminatory” and “insanity” by business leaders and polling underwater with Georgia voters, this reckless legislation still receives the support of Republicans like Kelly Loeffler while even leaders in her own party refused to support it. Even Loeffler’s own WNBA basketball team the Atlanta Dream opposes these discriminatory efforts.

But while she supports this partisan discriminatory bill, Loeffler refuses to get behind bipartisan legislation supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans — including majorities of Georgians and Republican voters — that would protect LGBTQ Americans from discrimination. Instead, she’s more focused on shoring up her failing Senate campaign as she struggles to fend off top Trump ally Congressman Doug Collins.

“Standing against a partisan push that would allow ‘legalized discrimination’ and decimate Georgia businesses should not be a hard call in 2020, yet Kelly Loeffler would rather score cheap political points than protect Georgians’ civil rights,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Legislation that would allow discrimination has no place in Georgia, and Georgians deserve a Senator who will stand up against Republicans’ most reckless and out-of-touch efforts.”


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